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Ultra Lightweight Travel Trailers

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Ultra light weight travel trailers that can be pulled behind a car or small truck are becoming more and more popular. These camper trailers weigh in the range of 2000 pounds and are quite cost effective. They sacrifice some features to make the actual trailer weigh less, but we have done some research on a few of the very best ultra lightweight camper trailers that are feature packed, light, and surprisingly affordable!

Lil Demon Travel Trailer

lil demon

This travel trailer is a nice little weekend getaway trailer. It is light enough to pull it behind a car, and it has a nice pop up ceiling for those of us who are... taller than your average ewok. It is shaped very aerodynamically so that it reduces drag and hence gas mileage. However, there isn’t much to the camper, and it lacks any sort of facilities for cooking or eating. This trailer though is no longer available, and you probably will only be able to find it used on ebay or at used trailer dealers.

Tab Travel Trailer and the Tada Travel Trailer


This is another super light weight and very tricked out and feature packed. The Tab comes with a galley that includes a sink and burner and microwave. There is no bathroom and no grey water tank, so that might be an issue in the nicer campgrounds. It has plenty of storage space and even a closet and it can pretty easily sleep 2, maybe 3 people. This little beasty is quite nice to look at and it tends to get a lot of attention when you pull into a camp ground. Consider it the netbook of laptops (if you are into that sort of thing), sleek, sexy, and small enough to go almost anywhere. There are a variety of floor plans and color schemes for any taste. The Tada Travel Trailer is the bigger brother version with more space and a few more features.

Airstream Basecamp Camper Trailer

airstream basecamp

This is a sweet little rig, though it carries a price tag of just under $20,000. This may keep a lot of people away, but it won’t stop them from drooling over this weekend warrior monster. Airstream campers will last as long as you will, and this travel trailer looks like it is from the future. There’s plenty of room inside for any adventure traveler to sleep and store all their gear. You can fit Kayaks, an ATV, a motorcycle, or plenty of other items inside comfortably. It is on the heavy side as well, but we are willing to overlook that for the cool factor alone. The Basecamp is just that, a central spot for you to rest and recover after a long day of hitting the dunes, climbing the crags, or paddling the rapids. If you have the vehicle to pull it, and the dough to drop, you can’t find anything sleeker and cooler than the Airstream Basecamp travel trailer.

Hi-Lo Mojo Camper Trailer


This guy is like the Tab on steroids. They took the concept (and floor plan) of the Tab travel trailer and improved on it quite a bit. The back end now pops up to make for more headroom. The back walls fold into place to make for a much more spacious and useable living area when you are stopped. It has room for a refrigerator, sink, 2 burners, and a wardrobe as well. Though not quite as stylish as the Tab, the Hi-Lo Mojo certainly has some real appeal if you want a very functional mobile hotel room.

Safari Condo Alto


Yet another innovative concept for a travel trailer, the Safari Condo Alto is a mix of a ultra lightweight travel trailer and a pop up camper. This makes for a low profile while traveling, and a very spacious living area when parked. With over eight feet of headroom, this guy will even fit me! One of the very nice features of the Alto is the fact that it’s not a soft side construction pop up, but it has rigid walls of glass that raise up, keeping the rig insulated and very dry in wet and cold climates. It fits any garage, and is very light. It even has a small bathroom, a galley, and a dinette. Though it is considered a small travel trailer, the windows and view make it extremely spacious and one of our very favorite options.

These are just a few of the many innovative concepts and designs out there for lightweight travel trailers. You can find some great deals on these guys if you shop the used and preowned sectors. Travel trailers don’t have to be uncomfortable boxes with little style and even less creature comforts. Stay tuned for even more interesting reviews on folding campers that are drool-worthy to even the most seasoned of campers.

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