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Benefits of Tent Trailers And Pop up Trailers

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If you want to go camping with your family but you have a limited budget, why not go for a tent trailer? Tent trailers, also known as pop up trailers, are trailers whose sides are typically made of soft material such as canvas and when unfolded make a sort of trailer tent. Although the term ‘pop up’ suggests that they can be set up with the flick of a switch, it is a little more complicated than that: a hand crank is used to lift the top of the camper, then the beds and other slides are slid out. But once you get past the set up or take down time, there are many benefits of tent trailers.

The most obvious advantage is that tent trailers are the most affordable among the various types of travel trailers.  Since they are soft-sided they are lightweight and easy to tow, thus you don’t need to buy a special vehicle to tow your pop up trailer. Once the trailer is folded down, it does not obstruct the driver’s view when it is being towed, eliminating the need for special side mirrors. Finally, the foldable trailer easily fits into your garage, making storage easier.

On the other hand, a pop up trailer is not as luxurious as a travel trailer. In fact, you may want to invest in inflatable mattresses since the beds in tent trailers are typically thin. Also, you sacrifice privacy in a tent trailer since rooms are usually separated only by thin canvas walls. Like tents, tent trailers also have a tendency to sway and rock in strong winds. These disadvantages are apart from the already mentioned inconvenience of a longer set-up time compared to other travel trailer models. But this inconvenience can be moderated if you buy a hybrid pop up camper which has sides made of hard materials, but this also negates some of the advantages such as the lower cost and lighter weight.

A tent trailer also has a surprising number of amenities available for users, such as heaters and air conditioners (which are optional), refrigerators, oven and satellite TV hookup capability. The most popular brands of travel trailers are Rockwood and Flagstaff (made by Forest River), Fleetwood and TrailManor (which makes hybrid pop ups that can be folded down but also has insulated hard walls.

A pop up camper will set you back between $5,000 for a low-end model to $20,000 for a fully-decked out trailer, although you can get a used model for as low as $500 and add on the amenities yourself. But whichever model you buy, a tent trailer will place camping in comfort within your means.

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