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Teardrop Trailers- Why Size Doesn't Matter

If there are midgets in the world of recreation vehicles, then these would be the teardrop trailers.  Ideally, these are suited for the solitary camper or a couple out for some road or outdoor adventure and who only have a small towing vehicle.  These trailers will not require much fuel to tow because of their smaller size and lighter weight compared to the large campers.  Virtually any vehicle, from pickups and SUVs to cars,  can tow these RVs. Little time is also needed for their set up and take down, making them a convenient camping companion.

These little darlings of RVs derive their name from their sleek, teardrop design.  But don’t be fooled by their small size.  Their interior has a bed good for two persons.  There is also room that is ample enough for a cozy kitchen area wherein the designated cook won’t find it difficult to prepare the meals which make camping such an enjoyable experience.  In addition to these amenities, some models feature kitchen cabinets, a countertop and sink made of stainless steel, plus halogen lights and AC outlets.

Teardrop campers typically measures 4 feet wide, eight feet and 10 inches in length, and 4 feet in height.  There are larger models which measure 6 feet and 12 inches in width, 5 feet in height and about 12 feet in length.  The wheels and tires are commonly designed outside the body and are protected by fenders.  The larger models are often built with their wheel and axle incorporated into the RVs’ inside chassis.

These small trailers started appearing at US camping sites around the 1930s. After the Second World War, the improved road conditions and the urge of returning American soldiers to travel around the country led to a boom in trailers and campers such as these little RVs. Because of their convenient features, these small RVs have also become popular in other countries where camping is also a popular past time. Today, there are many manufacturers which specialize in this type of campers.  There are also do-it-yourself kits for those who are handy enough to build their own teardrop travel trailers.

Those who are quite clumsy with tools can take comfort from the fact that many small manufacturers are commercially producing these mini trailers.  Some large companies producing RVs like Airstream also find the manufacture of these small campers viable.  Less marketing, however, is devoted to this type of RVs unlike their larger, pricier cousins which draw much of the advertising and promotion.