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The Wonderful Nomad Travel Trailer

A core competency in building mobile homes or house trailers is what sets Skyline Inc. apart from other manufacturers of recreational vehicles (RVs).  The company has been in this business since 1951 and produces conventional travel trailers, park models and fifth wheels.  Among Skyline’s brands are the Nomad travel trailers and other trailer trademarks such as Malibu, Weekender, Rampage and Layton.  Skyline RVs are reputed for their safety, performance, and reliability because they are built exclusively with superior materials.

The RV products from Skyline also undergo rigid testing, one of which is a high-pressure rain tunnel test to ensure that the trailers are watertight.  There are also shake tests to determine if the products can withstand the rigors of long stretches of road travel.  With these tests, Skyline endeavors to detect and solve problems before its RVs are marketed.

The testing at Skyline forms just a part of the quality control efforts of the company which is regarded as the one of the most exacting in the industry.  The quality effort according to the company’s philosophy should be incorporated from the very start of the manufacturing process and not merely undertaken as an inspection of the trailers after they have been built.  This means that the quality endeavor have to be built in starting from the conceptualization of each product up to its delivery to the customer.  As a result, years of research and development go into the RVs Skyline produces.

One Skyline product which underwent and passed such extensive quality assurance processes is the Ultra-Lite.   The construction methods used for this travel trailer ensured that the end-product is aerodynamic and light in weight.  Product integrity and quality was the focus in building this “tow friendly” trailer.  The gas mileage of the towing vehicle was greatly improved as a result of the Ultra-Lite’s design and exquisite craftsmansip. Comfort and convenience have also been built in into the Ultra Lite and other Skyline trailers which come complete with desirable home features such as heat, plumbing, electrical as well as kitchen equipment.

To vouch for the reliability and integrity of its products, Skyline offers a one-year full warranty for all its RVs.  Likewise available is a US-wide service program for the Skyline trailers further validating the company’s devotion to providing total customer satisfaction.

With the expertise that Skyline gained in building RVs, the company has ventured into the manufacture of modular housing.  Today, its headquarters in Elkhart, Indiana, oversees 15 divisions operating in 10 states.  Five of these divisions produce RVs, while 10 are devoted to the manufacture of modular houses.