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One of the more popular choices for camping is that of the camper van. This style of self-propelled camper was made popular with the VW Microbus of the 50s and 60s. They are in all simplicity a modified van which has been set up with sleeping accommodations. Some of these also feature a pop up top so as to allow more head room when parked. In all simplicity, any van that has been modified to be a sleeper can be constituted as a camper van.

They also usually come with some form of kitchenette so as to allow the cooking and consumption of food. Camper vans usually have propane or electric powered refrigerators as well as some form of stove or stove/oven. In the case of electric powered units, there is usually a dedicated battery especially for running the electrical devices in the camper van.

In today’s models, they can also feature portable toilets, got water heaters and sometimes even showering facilities. In the States they are known as Class B recreational vehicles. Westfalia was the company commissioned by Volkswagen to convert their micro vans into campers back in the 1950s and ever since then they have been very popular especially amongst the younger generation.

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While the VW may not be the van of choice anymore, camper vans are still being produced every year. Today the vehicle of choice is the Toyota Hiace which comes in both two as well as four wheel models.

Some of the amenities featured in camper vans today include a refrigerator, cooking appliance (such as a stove, oven and microwave), hot water heater, one (or several beds), electrical hookups, toilets with removable sinks (that double as showering facilities), radios, television, air conditioning and even a potable water tank, and waste water tank.

While there are many obvious choices out there for recreational vehicles like camper trailers and motor homes, the camper vans continue to be popular for their ability to be in the middle, between the most basic trailers and the most exquisite motor homes. With a motor home reaching price tags of as much as a home these days and trailers requiring a large enough vehicle to haul them, it is no wonder why camper vans are popular.

Irregardless of whether you are in the need for something on the weekends, a summer vacation or even retirement, camper vans make an excellent choice. But perhaps the most popular reason for purchasing one is for the young adult who does not want the hassles of paying rent every month or just does not have the funds to do so. They can simply sleep in their vehicle and park it anywhere they want to at night time.

Camper vans are not just nostalgia anymore, they are a way of life for many people and they also look great too. So while there are many choices to choose from out there today, if you seem like the person to be interested in a camper van, then chances are that you will feel right at home in one.

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