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Trailer Tents

Camping Trailer Tents

For those who love the outdoors but want to do so with some of the home comforts, a camping trailer tent can be perfect solution. They portable trailers simply hitch onto the back of your large SUV or truck and can be taken anywhere that camping allows. They are easy to attach and provide campers with many of the things they enjoy about staying in trailer, while still getting to experience the outdoors like a true camper does.

Camping trailer tents blend together the traditional attachment trailer with a more lightweight and easier to use trailer. Camping trailers are typically foldable, making it easy to set up or take down when not in use. This is ideal for spontaneous people who like to be able to go without any big fuss preparing. Trailers can be a bulky attachment and can run up a large bill with all of the amenities included, such as a kitchen or bathroom. A camping trailer tent is different because they make camping much more simplified. The tent is popped up easily, and then hitched onto the back of the SUV or truck and ready to go. There is no sewage or any other fixtures to worry about on most models, making them affordable and very simple to use.

There are a variety of companies which sell camping trailer tents which provide exceptional standards in quality. Every well made trailer tent is fully enclosed, keeping out bugs and other pests that the typically camper experiences in their outdoor excursions. Along with the fully enclosed surrounding, they are built to withstand most of nature’s harshest elements. If rain or any other disrupting weather occurs, campers can feel safe sleeping in their trailer tent because they of their strong durability. They are also built to withstand dirt build up and are resistant to rust. This is great for those who will be taking their trailer out often and don’t want them to fall apart from all of the wear.

Many shops which sell trailer tents may overprice them by the hundreds and have a limited selection to only a few brands. To find the best deals and see all of the brands and models available, it can be best to look for used trailer tents. This is because people are looking to sell their trailer tents often will give them a new owner for a fraction of the original price, and without any actual damage or wear to them. There is almost always a large selection of camping trailer tents on the market at a time because owners realize that they are not utilizing it as much as they thought they would. This is great news for the buyer because they are given such a wide selection of tents that are still in excellent condition. Purchasing used trailer tents gives the buyer a big variety to choose from at much lower prices then found at a an outdoors shop.

Camping trailer tents are a great investment for those who love to camp and aren’t interested in the traditional foldable tent. Anyone with an SUV or truck can easily attach a trailer tent to their vehicle and quickly be on their way to enjoying the outdoors but with comfortable beds and protection from any bugs or pests outdoors. Trailer tents are strong enough to withstand a lot of wear, something that isn’t seen too often when it comes to camping supplies. Whether the camper purchases from an outdoor specialty shop or decide to choose from the many used trailer tents, they are sure to enjoy their new addition to camping gear.

Fun With Camper Vans

One of the more popular choices for camping is that of the camper van. This style of self-propelled camper was made popular with the VW Microbus of the 50s and 60s. They are in all simplicity a modified van which has been set up with sleeping accommodations. Some of these also feature a pop up top so as to allow more head room when parked. In all simplicity, any van that has been modified to be a sleeper can be constituted as a camper van.

They also usually come with some form of kitchenette so as to allow the cooking and consumption of food. Camper vans usually have propane or electric powered refrigerators as well as some form of stove or stove/oven. In the case of electric powered units, there is usually a dedicated battery especially for running the electrical devices in the camper van.

In today’s models, they can also feature portable toilets, got water heaters and sometimes even showering facilities. In the States they are known as Class B recreational vehicles. Westfalia was the company commissioned by Volkswagen to convert their micro vans into campers back in the 1950s and ever since then they have been very popular especially amongst the younger generation.

New And Used Camper Vans On Sale On Ebay

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While the VW may not be the van of choice anymore, camper vans are still being produced every year. Today the vehicle of choice is the Toyota Hiace which comes in both two as well as four wheel models.

Some of the amenities featured in camper vans today include a refrigerator, cooking appliance (such as a stove, oven and microwave), hot water heater, one (or several beds), electrical hookups, toilets with removable sinks (that double as showering facilities), radios, television, air conditioning and even a potable water tank, and waste water tank.

While there are many obvious choices out there for recreational vehicles like camper trailers and motor homes, the camper vans continue to be popular for their ability to be in the middle, between the most basic trailers and the most exquisite motor homes. With a motor home reaching price tags of as much as a home these days and trailers requiring a large enough vehicle to haul them, it is no wonder why camper vans are popular.

Irregardless of whether you are in the need for something on the weekends, a summer vacation or even retirement, camper vans make an excellent choice. But perhaps the most popular reason for purchasing one is for the young adult who does not want the hassles of paying rent every month or just does not have the funds to do so. They can simply sleep in their vehicle and park it anywhere they want to at night time.

Camper vans are not just nostalgia anymore, they are a way of life for many people and they also look great too. So while there are many choices to choose from out there today, if you seem like the person to be interested in a camper van, then chances are that you will feel right at home in one.

SylvanSport Go Ultra Light Folding Camper Trailer

sylvan sport go folding camper trailer

In our research and reviewing of lightweight folding camper trailers, we came across one particular folding camper trailer that was just a cut above the rest. Named the SylvanSport GO, it’s one of the sleekest, lightest, smallest, and most tricked out folding camper trailers we’ve ever seen.

Totally unique, this little baby weighs in at just under 800 lbs. It fits in any garage, and can be towed by even the smallest of cars. Heck, if you hook it up to your VW Bug, you’ll be the trendiest, smallest profile, and most mobile hippie on the planet. Though it is tiny, it can be transformed into a hauler very easily. Folded down, it’s hardly even noticeable at 138x74x51 inches. Opened up, it’s a spacious 167x124x106 inches with a interior floor space of 48x84 inches. It is big enough to fit an atv in open travel mode, but small enough that you can easily fit it next to your car in most garages.

Every aspect of this trailer is engineered to make it as hyper useful as possible. It even comes with LED lighting inside so that you can light your journey safely and energy efficiently. While sleeping on your King sized and a half insulated self-inflating bed, you can gaze out of the stargazing window on the top of the camper, or convert the area into a table for dining. The tent can be set up in minutes, and it has stabilizer jacks to provide security once you are parked and all set up.

No feature was left untouched, no corner unengineered, and there is almost no downside to this guy when it comes to a towable super light travel trailer. It’s so simple to hook up and take away on any weekend warrior escape! Needless to say, we are in love with this little guy, and we can’t wait to pick one up to take on out next outdoor excursion.

Ultra Lightweight Travel Trailers

Ultra light weight travel trailers that can be pulled behind a car or small truck are becoming more and more popular. These camper trailers weigh in the range of 2000 pounds and are quite cost effective. They sacrifice some features to make the actual trailer weigh less, but we have done some research on a few of the very best ultra lightweight camper trailers that are feature packed, light, and surprisingly affordable!

Lil Demon Travel Trailer

lil demon

This travel trailer is a nice little weekend getaway trailer. It is light enough to pull it behind a car, and it has a nice pop up ceiling for those of us who are... taller than your average ewok. It is shaped very aerodynamically so that it reduces drag and hence gas mileage. However, there isn’t much to the camper, and it lacks any sort of facilities for cooking or eating. This trailer though is no longer available, and you probably will only be able to find it used on ebay or at used trailer dealers.

Tab Travel Trailer and the Tada Travel Trailer


This is another super light weight and very tricked out and feature packed. The Tab comes with a galley that includes a sink and burner and microwave. There is no bathroom and no grey water tank, so that might be an issue in the nicer campgrounds. It has plenty of storage space and even a closet and it can pretty easily sleep 2, maybe 3 people. This little beasty is quite nice to look at and it tends to get a lot of attention when you pull into a camp ground. Consider it the netbook of laptops (if you are into that sort of thing), sleek, sexy, and small enough to go almost anywhere. There are a variety of floor plans and color schemes for any taste. The Tada Travel Trailer is the bigger brother version with more space and a few more features.

Airstream Basecamp Camper Trailer

airstream basecamp

This is a sweet little rig, though it carries a price tag of just under $20,000. This may keep a lot of people away, but it won’t stop them from drooling over this weekend warrior monster. Airstream campers will last as long as you will, and this travel trailer looks like it is from the future. There’s plenty of room inside for any adventure traveler to sleep and store all their gear. You can fit Kayaks, an ATV, a motorcycle, or plenty of other items inside comfortably. It is on the heavy side as well, but we are willing to overlook that for the cool factor alone. The Basecamp is just that, a central spot for you to rest and recover after a long day of hitting the dunes, climbing the crags, or paddling the rapids. If you have the vehicle to pull it, and the dough to drop, you can’t find anything sleeker and cooler than the Airstream Basecamp travel trailer.

Hi-Lo Mojo Camper Trailer


This guy is like the Tab on steroids. They took the concept (and floor plan) of the Tab travel trailer and improved on it quite a bit. The back end now pops up to make for more headroom. The back walls fold into place to make for a much more spacious and useable living area when you are stopped. It has room for a refrigerator, sink, 2 burners, and a wardrobe as well. Though not quite as stylish as the Tab, the Hi-Lo Mojo certainly has some real appeal if you want a very functional mobile hotel room.

Safari Condo Alto


Yet another innovative concept for a travel trailer, the Safari Condo Alto is a mix of a ultra lightweight travel trailer and a pop up camper. This makes for a low profile while traveling, and a very spacious living area when parked. With over eight feet of headroom, this guy will even fit me! One of the very nice features of the Alto is the fact that it’s not a soft side construction pop up, but it has rigid walls of glass that raise up, keeping the rig insulated and very dry in wet and cold climates. It fits any garage, and is very light. It even has a small bathroom, a galley, and a dinette. Though it is considered a small travel trailer, the windows and view make it extremely spacious and one of our very favorite options.

These are just a few of the many innovative concepts and designs out there for lightweight travel trailers. You can find some great deals on these guys if you shop the used and preowned sectors. Travel trailers don’t have to be uncomfortable boxes with little style and even less creature comforts. Stay tuned for even more interesting reviews on folding campers that are drool-worthy to even the most seasoned of campers.

More Ultralight Camper Trailers

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Benefits of Tent Trailers And Pop up Trailers

If you want to go camping with your family but you have a limited budget, why not go for a tent trailer? Tent trailers, also known as pop up trailers, are trailers whose sides are typically made of soft material such as canvas and when unfolded make a sort of trailer tent. Although the term ‘pop up’ suggests that they can be set up with the flick of a switch, it is a little more complicated than that: a hand crank is used to lift the top of the camper, then the beds and other slides are slid out. But once you get past the set up or take down time, there are many benefits of tent trailers.

The most obvious advantage is that tent trailers are the most affordable among the various types of travel trailers.  Since they are soft-sided they are lightweight and easy to tow, thus you don’t need to buy a special vehicle to tow your pop up trailer. Once the trailer is folded down, it does not obstruct the driver’s view when it is being towed, eliminating the need for special side mirrors. Finally, the foldable trailer easily fits into your garage, making storage easier.

On the other hand, a pop up trailer is not as luxurious as a travel trailer. In fact, you may want to invest in inflatable mattresses since the beds in tent trailers are typically thin. Also, you sacrifice privacy in a tent trailer since rooms are usually separated only by thin canvas walls. Like tents, tent trailers also have a tendency to sway and rock in strong winds. These disadvantages are apart from the already mentioned inconvenience of a longer set-up time compared to other travel trailer models. But this inconvenience can be moderated if you buy a hybrid pop up camper which has sides made of hard materials, but this also negates some of the advantages such as the lower cost and lighter weight.

A tent trailer also has a surprising number of amenities available for users, such as heaters and air conditioners (which are optional), refrigerators, oven and satellite TV hookup capability. The most popular brands of travel trailers are Rockwood and Flagstaff (made by Forest River), Fleetwood and TrailManor (which makes hybrid pop ups that can be folded down but also has insulated hard walls.

A pop up camper will set you back between $5,000 for a low-end model to $20,000 for a fully-decked out trailer, although you can get a used model for as low as $500 and add on the amenities yourself. But whichever model you buy, a tent trailer will place camping in comfort within your means.

The Appeal of Travel Trailers – Communing with Nature while Enjoying Creature Comforts

Who hasn’t dreamed of getting away from the stress of city life into the tranquility of nature? Unfortunately, it can also be hard to forego the luxuries that urban dwellers have become used to, such as an Internet connection, cable TV and hot water. Fortunately, you can have it both ways with towable travel campers. These homes away from home allow you to enjoy your creature comforts even as you are communing with the Great Outdoors.

The main types of travel trailers are fifth wheels, travel trailers and pop up campers, although there are more specialized models such as toy haulers, truck campers and bike campers.

Fifth wheels are the most expensive towable trailers, as well as the heaviest since it is usually necessary to get a truck as the towing model; they range from 22 to 40 feet in length. These trailers are called ‘fifth wheels’ because of the way it is hooked up to the towing truck, with a gooseneck hitch that is hooked into the truck bed. These campers are also the most luxurious models, boasting of amenities such as a computer workstation, large LCD TV and DVD player, satellite radio and microwave oven.

Travel trailers are similar to fifth wheels in terms of length and spaciousness but are lighter and more affordable. They are hard-sided campers that are hooked to the towing vehicle with a rear hitch – since the trailers are lighter the tow vehicle can be either a sport-utility vehicle or minivan. Depending on how much you are willing to spend, they can also be as luxurious as fifth wheels.

Pop up campers are the most affordable of the towable campers, and also have many advantages over hard-sided models – their lighter weight, for example, which makes them easier to tow, and their low towing profile which does not block the driver’s view. But a major disadvantage is that it takes some time for them to set up their camper before it is usable.

So how do you decide which model is right for you? It really boils down to how much you are willing to spend on your RV. Remember that aside from the cost of the trailer itself, you would also have to consider if your current vehicle can tow the RV or if you would have to buy a new vehicle. Of course, the amenities would also be a factor.

The appeal of travel trailers is that they allow you to enjoy the best of both worlds – nature and city life – as long as you choose the right RV for your needs.

Best Folding Camper Trailers – How to Choose

Pop up campers are affordable alternatives to regular travel trailers, since they cost substantially less than their fully-loaded brethren. Campers also have many advantages over an RV such as their lighter weight and ability to be folded into a smaller size, which makes it easier to travel without having to buy special side mirrors.

The three most popular brands of folding trailers are Coleman, Rockwood and Starcraft. Coleman began manufacturing tent trailers in 1967 but its Folding Trailer Division was acquired by the Fleetwood Company of California in 1989. Rockwood is manufactured by Forest River of Illinois, and is noted for its hybrid-model “Roo” which combines features of tent trailers and regular travel trailers. Starcraft folding trailers first appeared on the market in 1964, when they captured a big share of the RV market with innovative features such as a crank-up lifting system and a hard top for its folding camper. The brand is currently owned by Jayco, the world’s largest privately-held RV manufacturer.

All three produce a range of folding trailer models for campers to choose from. The problem is, how do you find the best folding camper trailers? Here are a couple of factors to help you decide.

One major consideration, of course, is price. How much do you want to spend on your tent camper? If you are going to use it frequently, then you might consider splurging for a new model, which can cost between $8,000 for a basic model to $20,000 for a high-end unit with amenities comparable to a regular RV. If you are only going to use it once in a while, or you are willing to customize it yourself, however, you can get a used model for as low as $500.

Another factor is amenities. What features do you absolutely have to have, and which ones can you forego? Some models have only the basic amenities while others boast of a cable and satellite hookup and AM/FM stereo, air conditioner and electric water heater. Make a list of what you need before you go comparison shopping.

If you still find the process of choosing a camper trailer bewildering, then you can go online and visit review sites, or you can network with other pop up camper enthusiasts who would be more than willing to share their recommendations with you. However you make your decision, buying a camper trailer ensures that you get the best of both worlds – the beauty of nature and the comforts of home.