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Airstream Campers Are A Dream

Mention the name Airstream to some seasoned campers and you will likely be told of tales extolling the best in outdoor adventures.  Such an association with Airstream campers was born from the dream of an entrepreneur, Wally Byam, during the 1930s to create the perfect recreational vehicle (RV).  His idea was that of an RV that is light enough for towing by any standard car, giving the freedom to campers to discover new camping sites to weave new adventures and forge ties with new friends.  At the same time Byam’s dream was for campers to enjoy premier living conditions wherever they go, creating a way of life for the outdoors that could be replicated many times over.

The dream that was Airstream is now very much a reality for many campers across America. All thanks to the philosophy of the Airstream builders to make continuous improvements, not mere changes, in their products.  Each feature that goes into an Airstream has to have a lasting purpose.  As a result, the early Airstreams built during the 1930s remain as functional today as they were during their heydays.

Some marvels in engineering go into the production of Airstream trailers then and more so now with the latest advances in technology.  The Airstreams which many campers across the US now enjoy are the result of more than 70 years of trailer-making experience.  Each Airstream has to pass a gauntlet of rigid tests, in anticipation of the thousands of miles and the many years of use and abuse that these RVs will go through.

Hence, the Airstreams available in the market today are valued for their lightweight build and the streamlining that were incorporated their design.  These two factors contribute for faster but safer towing.  On the road, an Airstream is immediately recognizable for its aluminum-clad bodies reminiscent of those used in some famous aircraft.

These desirable qualities are showcased in Airstream’s Flying Cloud Travel Trailer.  It may be rugged and lightweight but it is packed with all the functional features that are sought by all campers, from those already seasoned in the outdoors to the tenderfoot just starting out.  With the Flying Cloud, a camper can experience the traveling freedom even in the remote areas where Mother Nature provides some extreme challenges.

For campers who want their outdoor sojourn a big and varied experience, the Airstream PanAmerica would be the ideal option.  This Airstream is a 34-foot RV that can pack outdoor sports vehicles, such as an ATV or motorcycle that will surely make one dream of an outdoor vacation a real experience.

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